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About us

IDDA is an emerging Sicilian brand that revisits the stories and traditions of our land in a modern key, expertly translating them into unique and captivating products.

IDDA in Sicilian dialect is the singular feminine pronoun: HER! It wants to be a tribute to our Sicily and to all women.

The art, colors and beauty of Sicily are the background to our creations and guide the trait of those who wanted to impress their inspiration – in a combination of various elements – creating an ageless, feminine, chic and modern, made with precious silk fabrics such as twill, crepe de chine and satin and with exclusive prints inspired by the Sicilian Baroque and the decorations of our majolica, which mix the colors and scents of Sicily.

It is from the passion for our land that you are born, “IDDA”, with the hope that each of these elements can envelop you in a whirlwind of intense and unique emotions, making you savor the fragrance that releases the land of Sicily.

IDDA, between tradition and innovation, conceived in Sicily, made in Italy.

According to legend …

“IDDA” is the jealous and proud girl who does not forgive the lover’s lie and uses her Moro head to make it a vase. IDDA is the strong and patient silkworm breeder, who follows their evolution from wetsuits to cocoons, to the climax in the silk thread. IDDA is the woman, impetuous and sophisticated, like the rich decorations of the Sicilian Baroque. lori and the beauty of Sicily do


We imagine that in the near future “luxury” will be based on the substance, quality and respect of people, on their history and their memory, on the essentiality and the need to return to authentic values.

IDDA has its roots in a highly imbued context of “values” represented – first of all – by the family, but also by nature and simple things, the result of passion and sacrifice.
IDDA is tradition!

We wish to be a means of affirming the authentic values of luxury.
We intend to offer every woman the path of elegance that is the result of the right balance between luxury and sustainability.